Arabic Integrated Service follows structured project management concept in handling translation projects. This concept is all tailored to offer our clients the same expertise and attention they would expect from an in-house localization department. It has proved successful even for projects of tight delivery dates, complex deliverables and varied requirements.

This concept is all about planning. We believe that anything that starts well will end well. That is why we invest a lot in project planning. This plan is drawn based on the localization kit that we receive from client. It is supposed to include resource files, localization guidelines, reference material and appropriate tools for the project.

At this point, out PM assigned for the project starts working by drawing the project plan which usually would include:

  • Project full analysis
  • Project objective definition
  • Defining deliverables
  • Determining required tasks
  • Drawing project schedule including dates for different phases of translation cycle, milestones, QA checks….etc
  • Finding appropriate resources
  • Setting appropriate work flow

This localization-tailored project management cycle provides a reliable and effective way of handling your projects, ensures respect of delivery dates and high quality. We depend on MS Project to manage projects, monitor work progress, and keep clients updated through systematic status reports.