We Localize it Right

The ultimate goal of website localization process is to adapt information to meet the target locale’s cultural, linguistic, and business requirements. By translating your website, you enable users to access information about your company quickly and easily. By allowing your customers, partners, and employees to communicate effectively with you in international markets, the cost of doing business decreases while business results increase.

AIS helps clients achieve this goal by taking care of their sites and portals, not only linguistically, but also culturally, one of AIS distinction points in this field. We emphasize translation quality, global project management, task automation, process consistency, and customer service.

Depending on Arabic-native localizers, AIS can decide what part of your site needs localization, what parts need not, and what parts need adaptation to suite Middle East customers mentality. In short, we help you overcome the cultural barrier to jump into Middle East market.

And due to the difference in the nature of web sites, whether dynamic or static, we handle web site localization projects individually to develop a plan that works for you.

For dynamic web sites, we can interface with the off-the-shelf solution used to deliver localized content as soon as your source content is available. And for static web sites, we can also help develop the underlying infrastructure to create, manage and deploy multilingual content in this type of sites, regardless of whether content is updated hourly, daily or weekly. We check the site in question for updates at predetermined intervals, and reports changes to our content management system. TRADOS stores your translated content for future use.

Website Localization Approach
The fact that a web page is encoded in tagged files gives rise to the need for special translation tools and translators familiar with tagged files. At AIS we own and use state-of-the-art tagged code editors and QA tools such as TRADOS TagEditor and HTML QA. We use such tools for the protection of tags, identification of translatable strings, previewing final target output and running QA for final localized web site.

The web site graphics containing text (banners, buttons, etc.) are translated consistently with the rest of the site content, so that text and graphics coincide.