AIS is keen to provide full localization service including translation and desktop publishing. The integration of translation and DTP processes saves time and reduces possibilities of error occurrence. Rather than having to co-ordinate the various services involved in document production among various vendors, AIS can offer you one single integrated service hub. We can translate your documents and do the necessary DTP using industry-standard DTP tools.

Usually, the DTP phase follows the content localization phase. The DTP operators’ job is to prepare the final layout and graphics of the translated files. After getting your content translated, we take care of its final layout, whether a user manual, brochure, insert, pamphlet…etc.

With a team highly proficient in standard DTP tools, we can output your document into virtually all PC and Mac formats. We are also aware of Arabic-specific problems in standard DTP tools and have contrived custom turnarounds to surpass such problems.

Despite the fact that Middle East languages are RTL with characters completely different from Western languages you can get assured that your documents will appear a carbon copy of their source thanks to our stringent DTP QA procedures.