Our quality policy is based on a set of ‘checks’ throughout the life of a project. This ensures the detection of quality-related issues early in the translation process, rather than after the product has been delivered

Linguistic Checks
We do the following linguistic checks on translation projects during and before final delivery:

  • Independent internal review by equally qualified translators
  • We send samples to client’s in-country offices
  • We implement clients’ style guides and check lists, if appropriate
  • Translation is always based and checked on client’s set of glossaries and TMs
  • Our QA department is to do a final check before dispatch (source and target languages)

Technical and Visual Checks

We run the following technical and visual checks on translation projects during and before final delivery:

  • We check appropriate resources and tools are selected and utilized
  • We check correct references are in use during project’s life cycle
  • We check that similar fonts and styles of the source are used in the target
  • For online and html based online help projects, we run standard QA checks using tools such HTMQA tool.
  • For software localization projects, we subject the localized version of the software to functionality testing, compatibility testing and usability testing
  • Prior to delivery we check that deliverables are complete as requested by our clients.
  • Types and timing of quality checks
  • Quality tools
  • Standards of quality