Consultancy Overview

We have at our disposal professional teams and infrastructure with a proven track record to handle technically-demanding subject matters, high levels of complexity and constant changes. AIS consultancy service is also customised to client project needs, delivery and budget requirements.

For many years major software producers and technology providers have relied on AIS consultants to provide a dependable and comprehensive solutions for effective deployment of multilingual software products. We helped them to orient their products and services to Middle East market. Our software localization consultant helped in:

  • RTL code handling & Engineering
  • Interface Localisation
  • Linguistic, functional, usability and compatibility testing
  • Creating documentation, online help and training materail

AIS resources are capable of using standard localization tools and quickly assimilating clients’ proprietary tools. We are capable of handling both resource files (.rc, .res files) and binary files (.exe, .dll, etc.). We normally rely on translation memory software (such as Alchemy Catalyst) for editing text and handling repetitive strings. Such tools are also used for target version pseudoization, dialog resizing, hot key conflict resolution ….etc. We also help in writing and translating error messages and user assistance components such as Help, online documentation, printed manuals, and packaging.

We can provide software localization consultancy services in different environments including: Windows, Mac, XML, Web, Wab, JAVA and multimedia software like Macromedia Flash.