We offer high quality services at competitive rates. Many factors determine the rate we propose to our clients:

  • Potential future cooperation with clients
  • Nature of the project in question
  • Effort exerted and work expected
  • Material’s subject matter
  • Text complexity
  • Turnaround time

The rates we offer include translation, proofreading and thorough editing by a professional editor, and basic formatting.

For an accurate estimate of project cost, we require a rough description of the project, a copy of project, a TRADOS analysis, or a complete word count along with a sample of the project to be localized.

N.B. Volume discounts for projects over 20.000 words can be arranged.

The rates charged by AIS are inclusive of the proofreading and editing phases. However, we also provide proofreading and editing services as a separate job to the clients who have their projects already translated by third party.

As regards DTP service and due to the variety in material complexity, art work, graphics, layout, text length, time frame and required tools and efforts, we require a sample of the document to analyze so that we could give an accurate estimate.

Note: For DTP service, we offer very competitive rates by arranging for good discounts for:

  • projects of large volumes
  • projects we receive from permanent clients and strategic partners
  • projects whose content we prepared

Send an email to AIS Sales for a quick quote or estimate of your project.