Utilizing Reliable Tools

Web sites usually comprise many components;

  • online and interactive content
  • 2-D and 3-D graphics
  • Flash, audio and video

Each of these elements is handled differently in respect of the tools used. For example, for content elements we usually use TRADOS to do the following tasks:

  • Detection of new and updated strings
  • Content translation
  • Direction manipulation
  • Previewing Arabic output

For site graphics and multimedia components we ask our clients to provide the sources for these components. Based on the type of these components we decide on the appropriate tool. We have solid background using Adobe PhotoShop, Flash and other standard graphics and multimedia tools.

Language and technical QA is carried out through the standard HTML QA and AIS proprietary software. Through this tool we can detect broken links, missing translations, proper text-graphics synchronization and consistency. That’s how committed we are to ensuring that our standards are kept extremely high.