AIS provides technical writing service as part of its content service package. We can create, localize and publish the content. We have a team of well versed writers in different domains. We also offer off-shore technical writer service.

We started this service 5 years ago when some of our clients preferred to have their content initiated in Arabic instead of translating it from English. The project was a success due to the fact that our writer is Arabic native, knowing the target audience mentality. The experience then expanded to Farsi, Urdu and Pashto.

The technical writing assignment usually starts with a meeting with the client’s project manager, knowing exact requirements. TW starts by identifying the targeted audience. For example, he should determine whether the audience is a nontechnical Arab of average literacy who needs to know how to set the time and tape television shows, or a technician who must diagnose, repair, or replace internal components.

We then send a draft TOC to PM for approval and feedback. Once the TOC is finalized, we start writing a section for style and language level choice approval by the PM. Once we got this approval, we go on full power with the rest of the job.

Our technical writers have a university degree in writing, the technical field for which they are writing, or a combination of these. What distinguishes AIS technical writers is that they understand the Middle East audience’s background and needs.

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